wurdemann family coat of arms as discovered in a chateau in switzerland

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wurdemann family coat of arms as discovered in a chateau in switzerland

About the Würdemann Family Web Site!

When I was growing up family, was important to us. My family never lived where my parents grew up (Minneapolis), but we would visit every two years. When we would visit both sides of our family would arrange a family reunion. One week it would be the Wurdeman family, another week it would be the Beske family, my grandmother's family through my mother. It was always a mystery who all the people were and by the time I figured out who they were, we were gone for another two years. By the time I saw everyone again, they were older, had gotten married, had another baby, or something to change the makeup of the family.

One of my Aunts, Adele, had the task of keeping track of the family and everyone had orders to keep her up to date. She gathered everything she could from those in Minnesota. Her son David Cahlander and her mother Marie (Rabeler) Wurdeman took a trip to Germany to fill in some gaps in the family tree. Some questions were answered and other questions arose. Their work on the family tree took them back to Johann Hinrich Würdemann (born 12 Jan 1768 in Hengstlage, Oldenburg, Germany) and they knew who his two wives were, and their children, but only some of their birth and death dates. They pretty much ended their research there and were told everything older had been lost in a church fire.

Despite reaching that conclusion, other reasearch was done that filled in the dates they were missing, but was also able to go back to Harbert Würdemann who was born about 1633 in Neerstedt, Oldenburg, Germany. Thanks to the additional research we have three more generations of history going back another 135 years. Maybe with some luck we can take the tree back further by connecting our tree to the one Dr. Harry Vanderbilt Würdemann had done.

My arm of the family as it came over from Germany had it's name spelled Würdemann with an umlaut over the "u". When properly dropping the umlaut you add an "e" afterwards, hence the Wuerdemann derivation of the name. Some just dropped the umlaut without adding the "e" as my family did. My family went a step further with my grandfather dropping the last "n".

My thanks to my Aunt Adele that was the first to really gather things up and made this all possible.